About The Process Group

Across the corporate spectrum, companies are identifying the critical need to improve quality and efficiency within every area of operations. Since 1988, The Process Group principals have been helping companies improve their schedule, cost, and quality results. (See testimonials.)

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“Their service and attitude are exceptional. They convey a sincere, personal interest in wanting to help you remove the hurdles that face your organization.”

- Libby Dunn, Software Engineering Process Group.


What Makes The Process Group Different?

– Pragmatic solutions and a focus on service –

The Process Group works to understand the unique situation that each client faces. We are then able to tailor our approach to address these specific needs.

Our commitment to service doesn’t terminate at the end of a consulting or training session. We remain easily accessible to our clients and provide ongoing monitoring, as well as a complimentary help line.

In a field that often tends to be esoteric or theoretical, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide solid, pragmatic solutions that the client can easily and quickly put into place. In most cases, our clients start seeing tangible results and measurable improvements from our work immediately.

“We were impressed with their ability to understand what we were doing and respond with a tailored approach that met our needs. Groups which were a little stuck are now working fine!”

- Irene Allen, Manager of Software Process Improvement, Production System Group, Xerox.


What The Process Group Can Do For You

The Process Group helps you succeed by:

  • understanding your specific challenges and goals and tailoring our solutions to address them.
  • allowing you to apply practical and effective techniques to your current work projects during our workshops and consulting sessions.
  • providing free, unlimited technical support for each service via e-mail and telephone. We are always available to help.
  • providing complimentary briefings to management and other groups within your organization during scheduled visits.
  • providing high-quality, detailed workshop materials that show how to easily implement our improvement and engineering techniques.

Find Out How The Process Group Can Help You

If you would like to discuss the obstacles or challenges that your organization faces, or if you would like to get to know us, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs over the phone or via E-mail at no charge.

“There are a lot of theorists in this field. The Process Group translates theory into practical solutions that you can easily apply.”

- Bob Smith, Senior Engineer, Phillips Consumer Electronics