Since 1990, we have performed seminars, workshops and consulting for more than 470 companies in the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Canada, India, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

The Process Group helps you succeed by:

  • understanding your specific challenges and goals and tailoring our solutions to address them
  • focusing on your desired results and fixing your short-, medium-, and long-term problems
  • accomplishing real work during all of our workshops and consulting sessions [examples]
  • scaling our advice to your size (whether you are a 2-person team or 1,000-person organization)
  • providing free, unlimited technical support for each service by e-mail and telephone
  • providing complimentary briefings to management and other groups within your organization

Services delivered the way you want:

  • build a custom agenda of topics you need help on, or start with one of our existing workshops.
  • onsite working sessions (e.g., 4 hours to 5 days at a time).
  • onsite coaching (e.g., visits for several days over several weeks working with specific people)
  • webinar-style sessions to save on travel (e.g., 1- to 4-hour sessions with shared screens)
 Your Need?How We Can Help
computer-2We are in pain — we're not sure what to do
We are OK — but we are ready to shift gears
Custom session - tell us your needs
computer-2Agile is not helping us
We want to learn/improve Agile/Scrum
Implementing Scrum and Agile
computer-2Our projects are late and over-budgetFixing project management, estimation and managing risk
computer-2We are consumed by defects and rework Defect identification
computer-2Misunderstood unmanaged project scopeEliciting and managing requirements
computer-2CMMI is not helping us
We want to use CMMI pragmatically
We want to implement PMBOK, Agile and CMMI
Implementing and appraising CMMI (Development or Services)
computer-2Our process improvement program is stuck, not helping, and focused on paperworkMaking process improvement work
computer-2Our suppliers continually surprise us
We can't deliver on time
Supplier management
computer-2Our people are not organized or efficientTime management for all your staff
computer-2We want help, but have limited moneyDedicated phone-based/
webinar assistance and tailoring

Next step?

Implementing Scrum and Agile (or fixing your current implementation)

Run your software development projects faster and incrementally using Scrum project management techniques

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The Scrum process is a defined high-level project life cycle that teams can adopt to quickly plan and manage their work.

Organizations can get into a mess with Scrum because of the following reasons: a) requirements in the backlog are sloppy or non-existent, b) release planning has been skipped so there is no end point, c) practices such as risk management, CM, design and cross-team coordination have been forgotten about.

This workshop teaches Scrum and addresses head on the challenges you face.

Delivery options:

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Eliciting and Managing Requirements

Understand customer needs, clarify product requirements early
Manage customer expectations and changes

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Requirements form the foundation for all software work that follows. Learn how to develop a clear vision for the team.

Delivery options:

In the workshop, software engineers, managers, requirements analysts and user representatives learn how to gather, document, analyze and manage customer requirements for software / IT applications. Includes user stories (Agile / Scrum).

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Fixing Project Management, Estimation and Risk

Meet project deadlines, reduce surprises, manage expectations across groups
Get the project team on the same page

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Project management practices reduce delivery delays, cost overruns, unexpected obstacles and countless inefficiencies. Learn how to manage projects.

Delivery options (project management):

In the workshop, project managers and their teams learn how to meet deadlines through better estimation, reduce surprises using risk management, schedule work for better optimization, understand and negotiate project tradeoffs, and track progress. This session includes Agile project management practices. The techniques can be applied to software, IT, hardware, and non-technical projects (e.g., tech pubs, system installation).

Scope and estimate your project work

Estimation is the foundation for reliable and achievable commitments. Learn how to estimate any project work.

Delivery options (estimation):

The workshop is a subset of the three-day Project Planning and Management workshop. It helps project managers and their teams develop more accurate effort and size estimates.

Assess risks, set priorities and mitigate

Risk management is the foundation for reducing surprises, navigating around potential problems and keeping the project team productive. Learn how to assess and manage risk for any project work.

Delivery options (risk):

The workshop is a subset of the three-day Project Planning and Management workshop. It helps project managers and their teams assess and manage risk.

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Defect Identification

Avoid schedule delays caused by needless product rework
Significantly reduce maintenance costs

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Rework is expensive and causes delivery delays. Buggy products hurt a company’s image every day. Learn how to improve your quality results.

Delivery options:

The workshop teaches teams (practitioners and managers) to efficiently find defects in their work (documentation and code) and eliminate the personality conflicts and inefficiencies of walk-throughs.

Online recorded class through GogoTraining

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Implementing and Appraising CMMI (Development or Services)

Learn how to improve your business results
Implement light-weight processes that don’t get in the way
Perform a CMMI gap analysis
Implement PMBOK, Agile/Scrum, CMMI or any combination

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CMMI is a collection of practices to help organizations achieve better results. Learn how to use CMMI to improve your business.

Delivery options:

  • Consulting assistance to start or improve your current CMMI implementation [contact us]
  • In-depth workshops on the following topics:

1. Development Model (DEV resource page)

2. Services Model (SVC resource page)

3. Implementing CMMI Maturity Levels 2 and 3, (DEV or SVC) quickly

The Process Group is a CMMI Institute certified vendor for the Introduction to CMMI (SVC & DEV), Supplement workshops and CMMI SCAMPI Appraisal method.

If you would like to implement PMBOK or Scrum (Agile) with CMMI, we can show you immediately where these practices can be added to an existing CMMI implementation (while keeping process definitions to concise 1-page checklists. [contact us]

Address the challenges of integrating various standards and frameworks together while staying focused on your business

Organizations often have many frameworks and standards they have to comply with alongside CMMI, such as Scrum, ISO, Waterfall, IEEE and PMI. We can help you map these frameworks together while maintaining focus on your core business. [contact us]

Identify critical changes to improve organizational results
Benchmark against the CMM
Perform a SCAMPI A rated appraisal

A process appraisal examines your organization’s engineering and management practices and generates a focused list of strengths and critical areas for improvement with consensus from managers and team members. Our lead appraisers are certified by the CMMI Institute to conduct CMMI appraisals (SCAMPI Class A, B & C). We can also conduct an analysis that is customized to meet your specific needs. [contact us]

Process appraisals are best done in-person. Smaller 3-4 hour sessions can be performed by conference call. [contact us]

Improving Organizations – Executive Overview

  • Three-hour presentation: Improving Organizations – Executive Overview

In this session, the management of an organization will learn the critical steps needed for successful process improvement. The presentation will demonstrate how improvement activities are tied to the business goals of an organization, how improvements are deployed, how progress is tracked, and how models and frameworks (e.g., CMMI, Scrum) can be used to help teams in their daily work. [contact us]

Clarify and refine business/project objectives
Define measures
Define analysis and reporting

Delivery options:

  • Consulting assistance to improve your measurement practices [contact us]
  • 1-day workshop: Measurement and Analysis

In this session, team members, leads and managers define their objectives, measurements and analysis activities.

Evaluate decision alternatives
Involve appropriate stakeholders
Capture critical decisions to avoid rehashing
Delivery options:

  • Consulting assistance to improve your decision and analysis practices [contact us]
  • 1/2-day workshop: Decision Analysis and Resolution

In the workshop, team members, leads and managers use a decision process to evaluate alternative choices and make a selection using weighted criteria.

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Making Process Improvement Work

Implement a straightforward improvement program focused on your business needs
Get the most value from the practices in your chosen framework (e.g., CMMI, PMBOK, ISO, ITIL)

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Process improvement too often reflects a significant disconnect between theory and day-to-day practices. Learn how to make weekly gains and keep processes extremely light-weight.

Delivery options:

The workshop provides a systematic approach for your organization to improve its development or service capability, resulting in higher quality results and reduced costs. It presents a straightforward, systematic approach to planning, implementing, and monitoring a process improvement program. The skills are applied to your work in the session.

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Supplier Management

Select projects to be outsourced
Select qualified suppliers
Manage your outsourced project

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Suppliers can be a significant drag or benefit to your project’s performance. Learn how to select and manage suppliers to get the results you want.

Delivery options:

In the workshop, team members, managers and subcontract managers learn how to define a product to be outsourced, write a subcontract management plan, select appropriate vendors and manage the project to completion.

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Time Management for all Your Staff

Achieve more with your time
Improve the productivity of your staff

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Excellent time management allows your staff to get things done. Have everyone learn how to manage and optimize their time.

Delivery options:

In the workshop, technical and non-technical staff learn and use personal time management skills to improve their focus and productivity.

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Dedicated Phone-based/Webinar Assistance and Tailoring

Dedicated phone-based/webinar assistance

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This service allows you to obtain our expertise while eliminating travel expenses. Usually when clients call us to discuss their needs and issues, we are able to help them at no cost through discussions and E-mails.

At other times, we jointly decide that dedicated phone-based assistance is needed for significant pre-arranged consulting time over the telephone. We provide this at our regular consulting rate. We will work with you to create an agenda and schedule a specific time for the session. You will only be invoiced for the hours used.

Dedicated phone-based assistance is ideal for senior managers, project teams and process improvement teams needing to resolve a problem, determine direction, or undergo a periodic checkup.

Tailored assistance

This service consists of customized coaching on your specific problems, (e.g., meeting deadlines, product quality, process documentation feedback, project reviews, improvement progress checkup and cultural change issues).

See Tailored Assistance examples. [contact us]

Implementing CMMI Maturity Levels 2 or 3, (DEV or SVC) quickly

If you need to implement CMMI Levels 2 or 3 quickly, we can provide everything you need. We will assess where you are today, teach you how to make ALL CMMI practices useful to run your business, teach you how to organize and write processes that are one-page in length, and provide skills for the identified gaps. If your company is small (e.g., 2 people) or large (e.g., 1000 people), we will show you how to proceed.

Step 1: Establish business goals, challenges to address, and measures:

  • Define your context for CMMI adoption
  • Define goals and challenges to address with CMMI practices
  • Define measures that you care about to monitor progress

Step 2: Learn about CMMI and perform a gap analysis. Options:

  • Intro to CMMI workshop (3 days) OR
  • Level 2 only workshop (1 day) OR
  • Level 3 only workshop (1 day)

Step 3: Perform an in-depth mini-appraisal / gap analysis:

  • Plan an event for 1-5 days based on scope and thoroughness needed
  • Conduct interviews of project managers and team members
  • Review example artifacts

Step 4: Plan the improvement effort (1 or 2 days):

  • Set priorities
  • Define tasks
  • Assign responsibilities and define pilot teams
  • Develop baseline measures
  • Assess risks
  • Establish milestones, tracking and communication

Step 5: Implement the improvement plan

  • Provide customized skills to run the business while addressing the gaps (e.g., requirements, design, planning, estimation, risk, defect identification, improvement, Decision Analysis and Resolution, test planning and analysis).

Step 6: Conduct the appraisal

  • If we didn’t need to help you much, we can perform the formal appraisal (called a SCAMPI).
  • If we helped you extensively we will recommend an expert appraiser that is objective.

Other tailored workshops

Reduced scope workshops can be provided. Examples include: Use Cases (1/2 day), Risk Management (1/2 day), Project Planning (2 days), Negotiation (1/4 day), and Project Scheduling (1/2 day).

Speaking engagements

Our staff routinely speaks on subjects that relate to the services we offer. These sessions provide a fresh perspective on the issues you face, and more clearly illustrate the options you have for improving your development process.

Workshop material licensing

The Inspection, Project Planning and Estimation workshop materials are available for licensing in conjunction with a train-the-trainer program. [contact us]

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