What Does a Great Product Development Group Look Like?


Introduction Since 1989 we have been traveling the globe looking at great, and sometimes challenged, organizations. From an engineering and management perspective, here are some common “great” things we see. As you read them, contrast with your organization and determine where you would like your group to be.   Deadlines, budget and project status Goals …continue reading >

Selecting an Appropriate Level of Product Requirements Definition — My Teams Say, “We Don’t Need Requirements, Just Your Money!”


Introduction For 20 million years (approximately), one of the age-old discussions in product, IT and software development is whether a team needs clear requirements to build a great product. Occasionally, engineering team members can persuade you (the leader) that requirements are no longer necessary in today’s world (aka “Agile,” “Lean,” “Concurrent,” “Value-driven,” “XYZ-style.”) However, let …continue reading >